The first volume of the trilogy of knowledge.

The best kept secret of all mankind has finally come to light.

The cornerstone, the foundations of the church and of all ancient cultures; how they build their churches and the powerful energies they used.

For millennia this knowledge has remained hidden and has permitted mankind to suffer the greatest genocide in history. Selfishness and greed for power of only a few have silenced and monopolized this knowledge.

The revelation of this knowledge will change the course of humanity. It is the moment for humankind to manifest itself.

Knowledge must be declared the immaterial heritage of humanity!

After reading this book you will not be able to remain untouched and in silence. The commitment will be part of you.

This book is the author’s autobiography in fiction form and is the fruit of many years of research. It aims to raise awareness of the power of the energy of underground water currents that influence positively in the evolution of humanity if used in its proper measure and negatively if abuse is made of it.

Included is a gift of a fantastic pendulum

In the book there are more than 50 studies in two colors and including great detail of these sacred sites plus an introduction to how to use the pendulum so as to be able to practice and to feel the energies mentioned in these powerful places listed.

This publication will mobilize different interests, some because they don’t want it to be known and others, kindhearted people, who will feel the need inside to help reveal it for the good of humanity.

All this amazing information will seem quite incredible to most people but behind it is a lifetime of investigation involving travelling throughout many countries. Statistics have been established from over 5000 Geopathic Stress studies carried out in homes, the majority of which have been checked and tested by doctors and therapists. What the book says is a true reality. It is waiting only for the closed minds to open, to analyze, to investigate and to contrast all the information and check the tremendous reality that it manifests.

Novela autobiográfica.
462 páginas.
ISBN: 978-84-614-8278-8
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