Pere Vila

Geopathic Stress Practitioner (Dowser), Acupuncturist and Kinesiologist.
Professor of Geopathic Stress and Feng Shui at the Guxens Institute of Study and Research in Natural Medicine. (Barcelona)
He has given classes in postgraduate courses at the Catalan University Polytechnic (UPC) at the University Ramon Llull, La Salle, Rovira and Virgili, Las Heures, Sant Joan de Deu. (Catalunya)


From a young age he learned the art of dowsing, how to find underground water currents, from his father. This together with a great inner inquisitiveness for the pursuit of knowledge led him to be able to carry out his personal commitment.

A lifetime dedication has been crucial in being able to discover the secrets of ancient cultures.

He discovered how they built their churches, cathedrals, dolmens and menhirs and as a result of that how they used powerful energies. There are earth energies that, through knowledge and correct use, influence in the inner awakening and in the spiritual elevation. And the same energies, through ignorance and due to excessive exposition, end up causing illness and degeneration in the human being.

In parts of the earth where many crossing underground water currents accumulate a large number of positive ions are generated.

When the lower layers of a negatively charged cloud is close enough to the earth and when the conductive atmosphere is favorable, lightning is caused where there are energy discharges equivalent to millions of kilowatts.

In addition, in these powerful places there are also much more subtle and powerful energies that determine the evolution of mankind.

They are dimensional gateways that connect us to the divine world.

As a result of ignorance, an excess of these powerful energies can bring about our downfall.

Novela autobiográfica.
462 páginas.
ISBN: 978-84-614-8278-8
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